Culture and People

Our achievements rest with our people, and we are proud to offer a professional and inclusive work environment based on unity and mutual respect. We follow a lean organisational culture of being trustworthy and loyal. These values are reflected throughout the whole organisation, internally among colleagues as well as outwards to associates, customers, authorities and others.  

To a certain extent we believe that we are all leaders in terms of our actions, behaviour and how we choose to communicate with and influence others. This means clear leadership is important in all ranks, whether you are on board or ashore, and whether you are an AB or a director. 

Leadership is directly linked to Wilson’s core values, and therefore we demonstrate a commitment to them and always keep them top of mind. 


In Wilson you shall meet employees who are open and honest, with colleagues, with customers and third-party representatives. For us, this is essential to maintain good relations and to earn trust and respect.  


Everyone's input and involvement are important to ensure we are competitive in all respects of our business. Having around 2 000 employees with different experience and knowledge, you will very seldom experience a situation which is completely new or unknown in Wilson.  


Safety of our employees, associates, customers, property and environment is our highest priority. Always!