Our History

Close to 100 years of industrial shipping

For about 100 years Wilson has been a provider of efficient and flexible transport services for the mining and manufacturing industries. 

  1. 1929
    • Kristian Jebsens Rederi founded by Kristian Jebsen.
  2. 1942
    • Paal Wilson & Co AS established.
  3. 1957
    • Start-up of the liner traffic between Norwegian ports and the Continent, marketed as the Norway-Rhine Line (NRL).
  4. 1992
    • Wilson and the North Sea part of Jebsen’s establish a mutual market system through the 50/50 owned Jebsen Wilson EuroCarriers. 
  5. 1995
    • Kristian Eidesvik became a partner in Paal Wilson & Co and bought 50 % of the company. 
  6. 1997
    • Jebsen’s shares in the parent company of Jebsen’s bought by Wilson.
  7. 1999
    • Established Euro Container Line AS, a 50/50 joint venture with Eimskip.
  8. 2000
    • Wilson Holding AS founded.
    • Bought 51 % of NRL Transport Duisburg.
    • Bought Bergen Shipping Chartering AS. Chartering and operation of self-discharging bulk vessels.
  9. 2004
    • Wilson Crewing Agency Ltd. in Arkhangelsk was established.
  10. 2005
    • Kristian Eidesvik carried through an initial public offer and listing under the name Wilson ASA. March 17th Wilson ASA was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.
  11. 2006
    • In August 2006, Wilson established its own office in Rotterdam, Wilson Agency B.V. to serve all ports in the Netherlands and Belgium.
    • Wilson bought the first share of the Icelandic agency Nesskip and the transaction of all shares was completed in 2012. Wilson has had a working relationship with Nesskip since 1977 when the first Nesskip vessel joined the Wilson fleet.
  12. 2007
    • Established Wilson Crewing Agency in Odessa.
    • The rest of the shares in NRL Transport Duisburg was bought and the company changed name to Wilson NRL Transport GmbH.
  13. 2008
    • Wilson purchased 50 % of the shares in Euro Container Line AS from Eimskip, and became 100 % owners of Euro Container Line AS. 
  14. 2010
    • Established Wilson Agency Norge AS in Stavanger. Office has since relocated to Bergen (in 2018).
  15. 2014
    • NRL Transport GmbH becomes part of a 50/50 joint venture between Wilson and Haeger & Schmidt Logistics, establishing HSW Logistics GmbH in Duisburg.
  16. 2016
    • Established  branch office in Amsterdam.
    • Wilson decided to focus on the bulk business and sold the business operation of Euro Container Line AS to Samskip. 
  17. 2020
    • Wilson enters into agreement with Arkon Shipping to strengthen European presence.
    • Wilson Agency Norge AS sets up branch office in Mo i Rana.
  18. 2021
    • Wilson achieved the best result historically. 2021 was an extraordinary year with covid-19, Brexit and more. The market proved to be very strong with high demand and few logistics challenges.
    • Wilson launched its new profile and website.
    • Wilson aquires four vessels and contract portofolio from Rhenus Maritime Services (RMS), in addion to short-term lease of four to six general cargo vessels. 
  19. 2022
    • Wilson took over Wilson Flex I in June. Wilson Flex I is the first vessel in the series of total 5 vessels.